Custom Orders and sales

Jesse Head sells his handcrafted Instruments through the store on this website. He also builds custom instruments on commission. Currently Jesse Head's Banjos, tenor guitars, baritone ukuleles, and ukulele's are on the market through commission. Jesse Head can build an heirloom quality instrument just for you or as a gift for a loved one. custom instruments may  be built using locally sourced maple, walnut, oak, or cherry. mahogany and African Padauk are also two woods that are constantly in stock. If you would like a custom instrument to be made with any other wood species then please contact through Email or phone.
There is also a personality survey available that you  can return if you are unsure of what types of wood species you'd like to use or if you like surprises.  Jesse Head will take the results of this survey and build a special instrument just for you or that special person in mind.

Custom orders start at $500 with a deposit of $200.


Lessons and recources

Teaching other people how to build musical instruments is part of the mission here. This will  be accomplished through online videos and personal instruction through workshops.

Online media

Here is a link to my videos. The goal is to give helpful instruction and advice about lutherie.

 Youtube Channel


Jesse Head is currently taking on students who would like to build an instrument. courses cost $250 Dollars per person. Standard classes are held in person. Each course includes the build of one instrument to completion. Email or message one of the social media accounts for further inquiries.

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About Jesse Head

God has made me an artist in His likeness. I find great satisfaction in making things that are both unique and pleasing. My desire is to make my work, my income, my passion and my mission to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ one harmonious function. Some profits will go towards missionary work in the future and I hope that my artistry can reflect the nature of God in some small way.
Please, send me a message or follow me on social media! I look forward to interacting with clients, friends, and fellow enthusiasts in the future! 

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The Mission

To share the Joy of artistic expression and craftsmanship.
To bring one closer to nature and the creator.
To encourage the unity of friends, family, and God through the gift of music and artistry.
To teach others the art of lutherie.
To image God through creation.
This is the vision of Jesse Head Natural Luthiership.

Jesse Head Natural Luthiership is a vision dedicated to the building of musical instruments, the teaching of others interested in the craft, and the glorification of God through the whole process. 

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